IMG_0127 (1)My name is Taylor and I am obsessed with food and cooking, like after a long, stressful day, all I want to do is get in the kitchen and cook something. I’m weird, I know. I’ve been cooking since I was little. Growing up, I would watch hours and hours of the Food Network (Rachael Ray and Giada were my faves) and want to try out the recipes. Many times we didn’t have all the ingredients at home, and I would have to improvise. Other times I would just make something up with whatever we had.

Either way, I loved experimenting and these experiences gave me a love for being creative in the kitchen. Though the kind of food I make has evolved and changed, that initial joy for creativity and experimentation remains. A day doesn’t go by that I’m not in the kitchen and this space is a place for me to share what I learn here with you.

I want to inspire others, especially new cooks, not to be afraid of the kitchen. I believe the kitchen should be a place of improvisation instead of strict rules. I want everyone to be excited about cooking and what they’re eating. Finally, I want to share food that is healthy AND delicious.

I strive to eat a whole foods, plant-based diet, which means lots of vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, but I’m flexible. I believe in balance and moderation.

I also have an especially intense love for all kinds of Indian food but especially North Indian curries. I’ve spent almost a year in various parts of India, and now I can’t go a week without a good paneer butter masala and naan. So, there will be Indian recipes sprinkled here and there.

I am currently living in Kansas City.

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  • I’m still unable to get your ebook. I tried for several days now. Please help!

  • I love the meal prep video. I’ve been watching all sorts of videos on changing my eating habits. Yours seems like it would be a great way to start out. How do I get the pdf of your weekly meal prep grocery list and recipes?
    thanks so much for what you are doing!

  • I have been eating plant based for 1 month, I loved your meal prep ideas and I am getting my world organized so that I can cook and enjoy this new adventure. When I started I said I want recipes that make me happy and excited for my next meal….so of course I loved when “happy” was in your title I knew I had a great place to start!

  • Hello…Love your prep work and keeping it real…I tried to get the ebook to help me and cannot get it to download on YouTube ..I couldn’t find a way to download it from your blog either…Looks like i need help…Sorry for being a pest, i just really need this….

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