Meal Prep Mini Episode 1

September 20 , 2020 by: Taylor Meal Prep

I am so excited to share this meal prep episode with you all! There’s 3 recipes, 12 meals and as always, I use the same ingredients in all the meals to make grocery shopping easier and more efficient and cut down on food waste. The recipes center around 4 core ingredients – tomatoes, zucchini, chickpeas and rice.

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I wanted to do a meal prep similar to my other ones (minimal ingredients, simple recipes) just quicker and easier and here we are! I chose tomatoes and zucchini as my vegetables to keep it seasonal.

I can’t wait for fall vegetables but I want to enjoy these last harvests of the late summer season. I’ve got about a million butternut squash from my garden so I’m sure you’ll be seeing some butternut squash recipes pop up in the near future!

I used jasmine rice for all of the recipes because that’s my favorite but you can use whatever you want – brown rice, basmati, long-grain, short-grain – totally up to you! The only type I wouldn’t recommend is wild rice, because it has such a distinct flavor, I’m not sure it would go with everything.

Also, that beautiful cutting board I used in the video is from local woodworker – Safe Cuts Only! Check out his Etsy shop, his work is beautiful!

Okay I think that’s everything, thank you so much for following along! If you make any of recipes, make sure to share a photo on instagram or facebook and tag me! #twoshakesofhappy

I LOVE seeing your creations!


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